Frequently Asked Questions

Set up

Setting up a new budget
Go to Settings > Wallets and tap + on upper right corner. Tap on "Edit" to open the new wallet, then tap on "Start tutorial".

You can set up the budget by answering onboarding questions.
Making a new category
(1) Go to plus button on the Today page, and on the category selection page, tap on "Edit"

(2) Tap on "+"

(3) Set the name and icon and tap "Save".
Entering a recurring expense
Select "Recurring" and pick the frequency.

You can see and edit them by opening the "Recurring" row in Timeline.
Entering a monthly saving
Track savings from the past
You can add your savings from the past with these steps:

1. Enter an income for the savings amount

2. Enter a saving, and you can give a title, "Savings from the past".
Sharing a budget
Resetting Your Budget to Zero
Setting the negative balance to zero:

Example: Resetting the balance of -$5.000.

Step 1. Enter a dummy saving, $5.000.
Step 2. Use saving $5.000, maybe give it a title "Feb 2023 reset"
Step 3. Delete the dummy saving.

Setting a positive balance to zero:

Simply enter the excess amount to the savings.
Set up for an employed person
Set up for a person with varying income
Set up for a student with financial aid🎓

How to

Sharing my premium features with family
You can share premium features with your iCloud Family. Here is Apple's guide on how to share purchases with your family:
Deleting everything
First, uninstall the app. Then go to iPhone setting, tap on your AppleID, go to iCloud > Manage storage > Open Today's Budget, then tap on "Delete data".
How can I use saving?
Saving up for a large purchase
Making a template of categories, e.g. holidays
Set up a separate budget for a holiday
Go to Setting > Budget and tap + on upper right corner. Set start date to when you go on your holiday, and end date to when you come home. Set the currency to match your destination🏖
Connecting to a bank account
Enter an expense from yesterday

Daily Budget Original (DBO)

The difference between DBO and Today's Budget Original
Big features included in Today's Budget are:
1. Easier to use and understand because of the new design
2. Saving jar
3. Interactive graphs
4. Category to recurring income and expenses
5. Multiple wallets
6. Sharing budget via iCloud
Data transfer, discount, etc.


Do you see my budget?
No. The data stays only on your device and your iCloud. All sensitive data is encrypted on the device, before the app uploads to the iCloud.
Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored on your device and your personal iCloud when the sync is on. Sensitive data is encrypted on your device, before being uploaded to iCloud. It's not sent to any server somewhere else.
Do you sell/share my data?

Billing and payments

Getting a refund
Apple handles all payments and refunds. To receive refund from Apple, please contact Reportaproblem within 14 days of the purchase date.
Sharing your premium features upgrade with your family
You can share your purchase via Apple's Family Sharing. Here is the guide:
Billing & Payments
Apple handles all payments. Please refer to the section, Subscriptions here Legal - Apple Media Services - Apple
Cancelling the subscription
It’s simple! Just go to Setting > Premium Features > Manage Subscription > Cancel.


Terms & Condition
Apple’s standard Media Services T&C applies to Today’s Budget.  Legal - Apple Media Services - Apple
End User License Agreement
Apple’s standard EULA applies to Today’s Budget.

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