Frequently Asked Questions

Set up

Setting up a new budget
1. Create a new wallet
Go to Settings > 'Manage your wallets', tap on '+', then 'Edit'. To change currency, tap on 'edit'. Once done, select 'Show this wallet'.

2. Add income
Tap on '+' on the Today page, then 'Income' and enter your post-tax income and specify pay frequency.

If you budget with a partner, enter their income as well.

For varied incomes like freelancing, add as “Flexible Earning” and set the amount and duration you want to spread out the income for.

3. Add regular expenses

Tap on '+' on the Today page, then 'Recurring expense' and add regular expenses like rent or insurance. For periodic ones, choose the billing cycle (e.g., 'Monthly' or 'Yearly'). The app will deduct little bit everyday so the full amount is saved over the billing cycle. Make sure all bills are added for accuracy.

4. Set a monthly savings goal

Tap on '+' on the Today page, then 'Saving Jar', tap 'Add saving' > 'Regular saving' and input your desired monthly savings amount.

5. Add daily expenses

As you incur expenses, add them to the app. Tap on '+' on the Today page, then 'Small expense'. They'll be deducted from Today’s Budget.

6. Save for specific future expenses, with 'Large expense'

Save up for a large expense that you can't pay with one day's budget. Tap on '+' on Today's page, then 'Large expense' and specify the amount and set a target date. The app will assist in daily savings to reach your goal.

7. Put left over into the saving jar (Optional)

Left over money rolls over to the next day. Alternatively, itcan be added to the saving jar. To do this, tap on '+' on the Today page, then 'Saving Jar' > 'Add saving' > 'One-off saving' > 'Add all left over from today’.
How to enter expense that I paid with a credit card?
Please enter just once, like "$20 - Eating out".

The app is designed to focus on the amount rather than the payment type whether it's cash, a credit card, or a debit card – money is money. The essential aspect is controlling the expense itself.
How to enter income on the 1st and 15th instead of 2 weeks?
Currently, our app doesn't have a specific feature to input income on the 1st and 15th. However, a workaround would be to add two separate payments and set them as monthly income. The app will then use this information to calculate your daily income. If you get paid the same amount every month, this approach works perfectly.
Change currency
Go to Settings > 'Manage wallets ' > tap on 'Edit' to open the wallet you are viewing then tap on Currency. Then tap 'Save'.
Starting fresh after a break
Holiday Budget & Expenses
Holiday spending can be challenging to navigate. Adding direct expenses such as flights or hotel bookings into your budget can quickly turn it negative, making the app useless.

To counter this, we suggest you use the Large Expense feature. It's designed to help you save for big events in advance.

Following this, we'll show you how to create a separate wallet specifically for holiday expenses. Here, the money you've saved acts as income, allowing you to track all holiday-related spending within this dedicated wallet.
Resetting Your Budget to Zero
Setting the negative balance to zero:

Tap on +, choose Savings > Withdraw > Quick withdraw > Set Today's Budget to Zero with Savings

Setting a positive balance to zero:

Tap on +, choose Savings > Add Saving> One-off > Save All Leftover from Today.
How to enter an overdue bill?
Our app doesn't keep track of the due date, or if it's overdue, so you don't have to worry about that part. It's all about how much cash you've got left.  For instance, if your bill was originally $10 but has a late fee making it $12, just enter $12 as the expense.


Entering a monthly saving
Tap on + on the main page > Saving Jar > Add saving > Regular saving.
How much will I have saved if I didn't spend anything, on a certain future date?
While it's unrealistic to assume zero spending, you can check future balance with these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the 'Log'.
Step 2: Pick a future date.
Step 3: View balance at the bottom.
How do I enter a stock purchase?
When you purchase a stock, you can enter it as savings. For example, if you purchased Apple shares for $10,000, add a new one-time savings entry for this amount.
I sold my stock. How do I record this transaction in the app?
When selling a stock, withdraw the same amount from your savings that you originally entered when you purchased it (e.g., withdraw $10,000 for the sold Apple shares).

Recording a profit or loss:

if you sold the stock at a profit, enter the amount as new income in the "Profit on stock" category (e.g., $2,000 profit from selling Apple shares for $12,000).

If you sold the stock for a loss, enter a new expense in the "Loss on stock" category (e.g., $5,000 loss from selling Apple shares for $5,000).

Note: You can delete the savings entry when selling a stock and only record the gain or loss. However, we don't recommend this method as it eliminates information about when you bought and sold the stock, making it harder to track your investment performance.
Track savings from the past
We are planning to makea feature to do this easier. In the meantime, these are the steps to track your savings from the past:

1. Enter an income for the savings amount

2. Add a one-off saving, and you can give a title, "Savings from the past".


Sharing a budget
1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Wallets and tap 'Edit' of the wallet you wish to share.

2. Select 'Share' to generate a sharable copy of the wallet.

3. Access the 'Shared' tab and tap 'Edit' for the copy of the walle that was just created.

4. Choose 'Manage members' and tap '+' to add a new member.

5. Send an invitation through Messages.

6. The member should click on the invitation link. Afterwards, they will find the shared wallet in the 'Shared' section.
Sharing my premium features with family
You can share premium features with your iCloud Family. Here is Apple's guide on how to share purchases with your family:
Issues with Family Sharing
If you experience issues, please check if the subscription or the one-time upgrade is shared under Family > Family Sharing.

When sharing the subscription, then you can see it being shared:

When sharing the one-time upgrade, Purchase Sharing feature needs to be enabled, and the screen looks like this. This shares all your purchases and the payment method, so it might not be enabled yet.

If you are still having issues,  we recommend reaching out to Apple Support since this feature is managed by Apple. They're ready to assist 24/7 through phone or chat. Apple's team can guide you by reviewing your accounts or through screen sharing. Download the Apple Support app here: Apple Support App


Making a new category
(1) Go to plus button on the Today page, and on the category selection page, tap on "Edit"

(2) Tap on "+"

(3) Set the name and icon and tap "Save".
Making a template of categories

Apple Watch

What Apple Watch Complications are available?
Right now, we provide four different complications. If there's something specific you're looking for, feel free to tell us!

Daily Budget Original (DBO)

The difference between DBO and Today's Budget Original
Today's Budget introduces several exciting features:
1. A user-friendly, intuitive new design.
2. A dedicated 'Saving Jar' feature where you can put money in and out.
3. New set of interactive graphs with bold colors
4. Categories for recurring income and expenses.
5. The ability to manage multiple wallets.
6. Easy budget sharing (multi users) through iCloud instead of Dropbox.
7. Emergency Fund feature.
Data transfer, discount, etc.


Do you see my budget?
No. The data stays only on your device and your iCloud. All sensitive data is encrypted on the device, before the app uploads to the iCloud.
Where is my data stored?
Your data is stored on your device and your personal iCloud when the sync is on. Sensitive data is encrypted on your device, before being uploaded to iCloud. It's not sent to any server somewhere else.
Do you sell/share my data?

Billing and payments

Cancelling the subscription
Go to Setting > Premium Features > Manage Subscription > Cancel.
Getting a refund
Apple handles all payments and refunds. To receive refund from Apple, please contact Reportaproblem.
Billing & Payments
Apple handles all payments. Please refer to the section, Subscriptions here Legal - Apple Media Services - Apple


Terms & Condition
Apple’s standard Media Services T&C applies to Today’s Budget.  Legal - Apple Media Services - Apple
End User License Agreement
Apple’s standard EULA applies to Today’s Budget.


Deleting everything
First, uninstall the app. Then go to iPhone setting, tap on your AppleID, go to iCloud > Manage storage > Open Today's Budget, then tap on "Delete data".
Connecting to a bank account
Enter an expense from yesterday

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